Friday, December 27, 2013

My life update (december)

Life have been hectic nowadays..(sigh..)but i am happy
having family around is a bless and they have been supporting me to the max..
last month is my graduation day and the everything was so perfect and seems like a dream..thank Allah swt for all the blessing He gave.

from left is me (purple tudung) and my lovely beloved sister..

i am a Degree holder in business administration majoring in marketing but now i working in logistic company..but its okay!!logistic is very interesting subject and i am excited to learn about it..(i wonder how long it takes till  i mastered all about logistic term..)hurm...
moving to klang is really challenging for me..i felt scared but i will take on this fear because its normal to be scared of  in the place ( i think)..hehe

all i hope is everything is going smoothly next year..2014!!!yay..keep on surviving this tough world anisah..(tap my own shoulder)..(so so alone in this new town ..waaaaa  )