Tuesday, July 10, 2012

a pink fight..

I always believe Allah SWT love my mum..
because of that,he gave my mum obstacles in her life..now she currently in her fight to get free from CANCER.

last MAY 2012, I drag my mum to Pantai Hospital Cheras to get mamogram..
the result is,there is a lump in the left breast almost 4 x7x4 cm..as big as an egg!!
im panicked,because im alone with mum when the result came..
they suspect that 99 percent it probably a CANCER..
im trying to stay calm and tell mum everything will be alright..but when my sister arrived i cannot hide my emotion ad start crying..
i dont know what to do..shocked..im not ready to face this..is a mix of emotion here and there...
mak ask me 'kalau mak mati mcm mana..?'..and i reply..'adik nak mati sekali lah..' what a short thinking..huh..
no,i will never give up and face this challenge with my mum in every step of the way..InsyAllah

we decided to refer mum to HUKM..the doctor said,mum have to get her masectomy done as quickly as possible..its sad...the doctor get the lump cells so that they can confirm is it a cancer or not..im with her everytime so she does not afraid in this whole process..
i felt relieve the date for the surgery is a  2 week later..
mum emotion is changing..she often crying..maybe she still shocked..
she pray hard,reading Quran..so that she can stay calm and redha..

im remember this day..its actually friday...doctor said the surgery will be 9 am ..but they already take mum down to surgery hall at 8 am..my family is not here..im the only person stay at the hospital to accompany mum..and im afraid..its overwhelming..after wish mum all the best and sent her off..a very nerve breaking moment to sent your mum to surgery..my heart a torn into pieces..
after a while my family arrived,we wait almost 6 hours for the surgery to get done..
the moment mum came off the surgery hall  i felt very grateful because she alright..and she sleep because of the drug..

we still in the fight to cure this illness..
we believe in God willingness that mum will be free from this cancer..
mum have to go through  cycle of chemotherapy and 26 radiotherapy to kill all the cancer cells..
i hope she will be strong ..ill be strong for her..ill be with  her..ill do anything  for her..
im with you mum ..this is our pink fight !!

Saturday, March 31, 2012


dear readers..(macam la ade org bace blogie aku ni)
currently, i am so busy with my study and leave my blogie alone for almost  3 month..
i am not talented in writing stories or  to fully utilize this blogie thinggy..
 tahap kemalasan yang tinggi dan ketidak upayaan  mengurus  masa ..
noT iNTO the mood To Write

what happen to my new year resolution...?
honestly, satu pon x tercapai lagi till now..nearly APRIL
WAKE UP.....!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

2012..im still alive??

with ALLAH mercy..
i m still breathing..
this is my 1st entry for new year..
it is too late for a new year resolution??
i bet yes..
i actually never have one..
and now i decided to have my OWN NEW YEAR RESOLUTION!!

my life is revolve around my family..
my family..
and my family..
now i must think about me..
and me..

always start with a goal...
what goal?
short term..??
long term..?
huh..i m lost..

okay..here the list..

  • i want to lose 10 kilo.. (this goal seems to be impossible)
  • learn how to sew baju kurung...(maybe i must learn how to handle a needle first..)
  • improve my masak skill.. (i will never jerit again when frying fish)
  • drink more carrot juices..(want to improve my eyesight..)
  • be a better daughter to my parent..
  • don't be judgmental ..
  • study more..play less
  • be a better friend
  • improve my ibadah..
  • carikan jodoh untuk kakak dan sepupu ku..
  • drive manual car..
  • update blog at least once a week (niat utk polish up writing skills)
  • cherish everyone...
p/s: sempena tahun baru ini..saya hanya mahu mendoakan moga dunia menjadi lebih aman dan lebih hijau....(ayat spm ni..)