Sunday, January 15, 2012 still alive??

with ALLAH mercy..
i m still breathing..
this is my 1st entry for new year..
it is too late for a new year resolution??
i bet yes..
i actually never have one..
and now i decided to have my OWN NEW YEAR RESOLUTION!!

my life is revolve around my family..
my family..
and my family..
now i must think about me..
and me..

always start with a goal...
what goal?
short term..??
long term..?
huh..i m lost.. the list..

  • i want to lose 10 kilo.. (this goal seems to be impossible)
  • learn how to sew baju kurung...(maybe i must learn how to handle a needle first..)
  • improve my masak skill.. (i will never jerit again when frying fish)
  • drink more carrot juices..(want to improve my eyesight..)
  • be a better daughter to my parent..
  • don't be judgmental ..
  • study less
  • be a better friend
  • improve my ibadah..
  • carikan jodoh untuk kakak dan sepupu ku..
  • drive manual car..
  • update blog at least once a week (niat utk polish up writing skills)
  • cherish everyone...
p/s: sempena tahun baru ini..saya hanya mahu mendoakan moga dunia menjadi lebih aman dan lebih hijau....(ayat spm ni..)